Live: Stolen Lives Unplugged

When we say Black Lives Matter do we mean all Black lives or just some?

This necessary and much needed conversation with Dr Nichelle Rivers and Thomas (Tee) Parsley delves into what we can do to uplift and amplify the voices of transgender people of colour.

Transgender people face extraordinary levels of physical and sexual violence with more than one in four transgender people having faced a bias-driven assault; these rates are even higher for transgender women and trans people from the global majority.

Dr. Nichelle Rivers is a multi-media artist, educator and social justice activist and advocate for the LGBT community. During our conversation, Dr Nichelle Rivers shared her ‘Stolen Lives’ artwork project which was was created to raise awareness about violence and lack of inclusion toward transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. More specifically, her artwork chronicles the deaths of transgender people within the US who have been killed for merely being themselves.

Thomas Parsley is a political strategist and community organiser and committed to ensuring that the LGBT community is represented in a positive way.

These two amazing individuals are great role models to learn from on this subject.

To hear more catch up on the conversation:

“Because they don’t see as human, we have to have done something wrong to end up dead” – Dr. Nichelle Rivers.

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