Transgender Allyship: The Importance of Intersectional Identities

To continue to raise awareness, demonstrate allyship and educate, Shereen held a live conversation with Celia Sandhya Daniels and Luckie Alexander.

Celia is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and D&I champion; she is also an Executive Board Member of TransCanWork Inc. Luckie Alexander is the Founder of Invisible Men which is an organisation with a mission to provide a platform for Transgender individuals to express their own narratives whilst striving to redefine what masculinity looks like..

This is an important conversation for anyone wanting to be a better ally to the trans/gender non-binary community as we tackle how we can influence change from bathroom to boardroom.

"The problem is unless you start having these conversations and get into the nuances of people's experiences, how can you assess whether what you're doing in your organisation is helping or harming people? Just because you can't acknowledge that someone's experience is different to yours."

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