Stop & Search with Dr/Chief Brackney & Chief Mannino

It was a pleasure to be able to discuss the policing practice of Stop-and-Search (UK) and Stop-and-Frisk (U.S.) with Margie Crowe, Assistant Professor & DEI Consultant, Dr.Brackney, Chief of police at Charlottesville Virgina and Chief Mannino, Chief of police at Park Forest, Illinois.

This layered discussion explores:

  • What is Stop-and-Search/Stop-and-Frisk?
  • What is a Terry Stop?
  • Why is there a disproportionately higher number of black and brown people stopped-and-searched/frisked than white people?
  • Is it “legal” racial profiling?
  • Police cultural reform and how they are talking the issue of over policing
  • The importance of amplifying community leaders and voices are making change within their sphere of influence


"How far does my influence penetrate even my own our profession we need to own how we have been complicit"

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