Global Majority Not Ethnic Minority – Why Language Matters.

Rosemary Campbell-Stephens is a veteran educator who received her professional training in England, but her breadth of experience is international. Rosemary is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Education, University College London because of her ground-breaking leadership work between 2003-2011. She embraces the labels anti-racist, paradigm shifter, activist and disruptor and is currently writing-up her anti-racist work in education over a forty-year period.

The term ‘Global Majority’ was in fact coined by Rosemary in 2003 to describe black and asian populations across the world. ‘Global Majority’ was created in recognition that the term ‘ethnic minority’ can be reducing and limiting to the communities in which they describe as the label of ‘minority’ can have quite negative impacts on a community’s perception of themselves and their ability to impact change.

“Every time you keep telling someone that they are a minority – you are reminding them that they are small and that they can’t make a difference” – Shereen Daniels.

Catch up on the live show to find out more behind the meaning of ‘Global Majority’ and how we can shift our language for positive impact.

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