You Need To Be The First with Asma Elbadawi

“Sometimes being the first doesn’t mean the first in the whole entire world…it’s really about having the courage to be uncomfortable for a while – just long enough for other people to come in and join you” – Asma Elbadwai.

Last week, Shereen welcomed inspirational Asma Elbadawi who is a British Sudanese Sport Inclusivity Consultant, Basketball Player and Spoken Word Poet. Asma’s dual cultural heritage deeply influences her creativity and she is strongly passionate about female empowerment. Asma is well known for her involvement in the FIBA ALLOW HIJAB Campaign to overturn a ban on hijabs and religious headwear in professional basketball.

Shereen and Asma discussed why more of us need to be the first to lead the way as well as how can we inspire more people to recognise their power to affect change.


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