Shereen Daniels
Champion of those who were told they couldn't do it

"We are all valuable, irrespective of what we do and who we do it for."

From working with ex-military, ex-police, crime scene investigators, Metropolitan Police Special Branch Detectives, to books, mobile phones, fashion, food and coffee, Shereen has worked for some well-known brands such as Orion Publishing Group, Carphone Warehouse, Gala Coral, Hobbs, Greene King and Caffe Nero making for a very interesting HR career spanning 17 years.

As the Founder of Achibé Cards in 2016, Shereen wanted to create a visual tool to help individuals self-coach and achieve their potential. 

Shereen proudly wears her ‘scars’ of life as she calls them, from battling stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma whilst being a single mum of a young daughter at the time, to resigning from her role in January 2019 as Head of HR at Caffe Nero, after having her second daughter, with no plan of what to do next.

In the autumn of 2019 Shereen started a newsletter, HR rewired, aimed at HR and business leaders who didn’t have the time to scour the net for breaking news in Business, Tech and HR.  This morphed into a consultancy business and as Managing Director of HR rewired, Shereen advises HR product and service providers on how to lead with their personal purpose rather than their brand product or service and spend more time understanding the intricacies of HR as the starting point to engage with their potential clients.

“I am more than the labels placed upon me”

Not content to stick to the expected, Shereen also embarked on an MP Leadership Programme with the House of Commons in 2019.  Whilst she has no immediate ambitions to be a politician, it has since awoken an interest in business and opportunity from a civic perspective which culminated in her being a community member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Artificial Intelligence and appointed to the Kent & Medway Economic Partnership Board (KEMP) in January 2020.  The KEMP considers strategic investment priorities for the region and ensures there is a strong voice for Kent and Medway businesses at local and government level.

“Your story (your past) + what you care about (your future), matters.”

From individuals, to Founders and CEOs, Shereen’s mission is to reconnect people with who they are, lead with what they care about and not be influenced by how others perceive them or the labels that have been placed upon them.

She is a passionate advocate for technology, believing it can enrich the lives of many. Combined with her experience in leadership, culture and change, Shereen uses this as a foundation to encourage organisations to think differently about how they engage their employees and prepare them for the future of work.

“Pay it forward. Always.”

From keynotes and workshops, to panels to intimate fireside chats and consultancy engagements, I am open and willing to share my personal stories and experience.  I’m energising and with my preference for action, I inspired others to feel more confident and able to overcome what they believe are their limitations.

I mentor undergraduate students above anything else, I’m a mum of two daughters and can sometimes be found in my local Crossfit gym trying to relive my glory days as a enthusiastic amateur athlete.

Thank you for reading and it would be great to connect with you.  I can be found on LinkedIn, and Instagram.