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From keynotes, to panels to intimate fireside chats and facilitating listening forums, audience members are continuously inspired by Shereen’s willingness to share her personal stories, energised by her authentic delivery and infectious enthusiasm for action.

Underpinning her board advisory work, she believes we have a collective individual, organisation and societal responsibility to ensure fair treatment for everyone.  

Racism is one of the most complex problems society has faced and we've been trying to solve it for the last 400 + years.

You can’t approach it like a business initiative that will finish at the end of your next financial quarter, or at the end of your three-year plan.

Shereen Daniels


As a keynote speaker, panelist and/or programme curation, Shereen speaks on topics such as:

  • Strategic imperative to address anti-racism and promote racial equity in business
  • Evolving culture and practice to go beyond corporate diversity and inclusion approaches
  • How to empower employees to become pioneers of change – within their organisations and their wider communities
  • Future of work – Advocating for anti-racism and racial equity
  • Progressive inclusive leadership for the 21st century
  • Inclusion and diversity for a post COVID-19 era
  • Untapped opportunity: Black led businesses as additional vehicles for growth

Listening forums are a transformative and impactful way of centering the voices of marginalised people who are most affected by racism and inequality.

Adopting a town-hall style format, they are deliberately curated to provide a safe yet psychological brave space for both the participants and the wider audience.

Shereen accelerates Board-level knowledge to implement strategic impactful actions to think differently about anti-racism and promoting racial equity.

Example problems Shereen helps Boards grapple with:

  • How to diversify your boardroom (without it looking tokenistic)
  • How to approach diversifying your supply chain as a positive influence 
  • Taking a strategic approach to building your executive talent pipeline
  • Revising your diversity, equity and inclusion approach so it’s more than a corporate social responsibility issue.
  • Engaging authentically with your employees, shareholders and wider community when communicating your ongoing approach to anti-racism. 
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