Shereen Daniels
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Her value as a speaker

An inspiring HR leader who continuously practices what she preaches, Shereen teaches her audience to go bigger and be unafraid in sharing what they care about. She encourages others to try new things and dial down the voice that tells them they can’t do it.  She wants to help them reconnect with their ‘North Star’ and feel empowered to help others do the same. 

Shereen believes there’s a collective individual, organisation and societal level of responsibility in ensuring fair treatment for all us in ensuring access to opportunity.  

In sharing her story, she is relatable and thought provoking, taking the audience on a journey with her.  Her perspective on life, business, opportunity and purpose beyond her professional achievements, is what makes her a standout speaker at any event.

If she was sitting on the sofa or Ellen or Oprah, she would talk about:

  1. Why companies need to do better in enabling employees to be themselves.  From creating a culture to enable people to speak up when they need help, to allow them the freedom to try new things that don’t fit a job title to supporting them through many of life’s trials, without living in fear that they will lose their jobs or access to opportunity.
  2. Changing the way we recognise value in each other.  Starting with using ‘what do you care about’ versus ‘what do you do’  when introducing ourselves.

Topics she has covered


  • Brexit, economic uncertainty and employee engagement 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Purposeful leadership
  • Belonging versus ‘fitting in’
  • Employee engagement
  • Culture and leadership
  • Talent acquisition and employer branding


  • Getting the attention of HR decision-makers for your HR tech product
  • AI adoption and workforce skills of the future
  • Enterprise adoption of AI
  • Technology, growth, opportunity and the skills challenge
  • Women in business
  • Women empowerment


“Shereen gave an inspiring and informative presentation at the UKIC Digital 2020 event, focusing on the skills needed to thrive in the new digital age. She then facilitated an interactive workshop that built on the presentation, leading to some excellent insights and action plans to ensure businesses can successfully integrate their digital/tech and people strategies.”

Bradley Rood, North London Chamber of Commerce

“Shereen delivered a thoroughly entertaining talk today at the first Federation of Small Business 2020.  We heard about the woman behind the business and the events that have brought Shereen to where she is in her life right now.  An awe-inspiring speech relatable to most of the women in the room.” 

Sue Hainsby, Director, Carlean Lettings

“Shereen was one of the speakers/panelists on our most recent event on recruitment, on-boarding and retaining talent. Shereen’s insight into people and how to create the best employee experience is awesome. You can tell her knowledge and understanding of HR, as a whole, is comprehensive enough to allow her to talk about it concisely and in a way that engages. We only gave Shereen 10 minutes to talk but she managed to cover some of the most important aspects of HR best practice, with lots of nodding heads and note-taking in the audience making this ever more clear.

After the talks were done, we got great feedback from the people who attended and so I’d definitely recommend Shereen if you’re looking for actionable, useful insights into how to run your HR department – from recruitment through to employee engagement and retention!”

Mark Kershaw, Global Business Director, Nucco Brain