Shereen Daniels

Forget what they told you

Shereen Daniels

A confident visionary, not afraid to challenge the world around her.

It's time to change the record

We are more than labels

To create change, we have to do more than talk a good game.

This is me

Yet where do I start?

I believe that our value as individuals is more than the labels we’ve placed or have had placed upon us.  Whether it’s the negative labels other people have attached to us: opinionated, quiet, loud, boring, annoying, aggressive.  Or trapped by the labels that describe what we do or our job title. It’s not the labels in themselves that are the issue, it’s the way we define ourselves as a result of it.  This is what holds us back from opportunity.

From individuals, to Founders and CEOs, my mission to reconnect individuals and leaders with their ‘North Star’, which is a combination of who they are and  what they care about. Only then can we show up as confidently authentic which acts as a beacon to others. 

I want to remind those with influence, that they have an incredible amount of power and sway in removing barriers that block progress and create inclusive environments that allow people to be their absolute best.

I’m a passionate advocate for technology, believing it can enrich the lives of many. Combined with my experience in leadership, culture and change, I use this as a foundation to encourage organisations to think differently about how they engage their employees and prepare them for the future of work and to help CEOs of HR tech companies engage and sell into HR decision-makers.

We are more than labels

"Very rarely do we explore where we've come from so we can be deliberate and intentional about who we want to be."